Registered Guide-Outfitter providing all-inclusive Moose, Grizzly Bear, Dall Sheep, Baited Black & Brown Bear, and Trapping Tours in Alaska.

Moose Hunts

Experience an exciting moose hunt adventure in one of the best hunting locations in the world – Alaska’s Unit 16. With our guided moose hunting package, you’ll have a personalized and unforgettable hunting experience with options for 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 hunt.


Bear Hunts

Experience an exciting bear hunting adventure in the Alaskan wilderness with our one on one guided bear hunts in Unit 16. Our hunting area boasts a large population of brown and black bears, offering a great chance of a successful hunt.


Dall Sheep Hunts

Experience an exciting mountain hunting adventure with our one on one guided Dall Sheep hunts in the Alaska Range. Hunting Dall sheep in Alaska is a challenging hunt, perfect for the hardy and physically fit hunter.


Trapping Tours

Experience an immersive Alaskan trapping adventure with our guided trapping tours, where you can learn first-hand from a professional trapper with over 20 years of knowledge and hands-on experience.

Book Your Hunt

Encounter a hunt of a lifetime. With knowledge comes empowerment as well as respect so come join us now book your hunt!


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