Trapping Trips

Experience an Alaska trapline first hand! Bret is a lifelong Alaskan and professional trapper with over 20 years of knowledge and hands-on experience.

This is a great adventure for those who want the experience of running a trap line. Learn about different traps, snares, and how to set them. You will learn proper fur handling techniques, trap line management, humane harvesting, furbearer management, fur marketing, trapper rights, outdoor survival, and winter safety.

With Bret-  BBB Alaska – there is plenty of opportunities to harvest wolf, wolverine, lynx, marten, mink, ermine, beaver, river otter, fox, and coyote.

Accommodations include staying in a comfortable home-built Alaskan log cabin with good hearty home-cooked meals and a sauna/shower. Transportation includes arrival and departure pickups from Anchorage International Airport and transportation and housing to and from the cabin. You will be traveling the trap line by snow machine daily. The full itinerary is included upon booking.

These trips are offered in January & February for 8 days 7 nights and you get to keep one of every species caught on the line during your trip. Northern lights are a bonus with the winter night sky.

Trapping Trip Package
8 Days
Available Dates
November 10th – February 28th
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